Union of Catholic Mothers   
(UCM – usually called “The Mothers”)

 Meetings:  First & Third Tuesdays at 7.15pm

 The Union of Catholic Mothers (UCM) began life in Devon in 1913 when Mrs Chichester was instrumental in fulfilling the Catholic Churches wish to support the sacramental character and permanence of marriage, Catholic education for children and an active share in good works in the world. In 1923 the UCM was reorganised and in 1926 Bishop Henshaw,  then Bishop of Salford requested that there should be a UCM in the diocese. The first group was formed in St Sebastian’s  Parish, Pendleton. One of those founders, Mrs Mary Kemball later became National President in 1952.

The UCM at St Charles Parish was founded in 1927 and received a Papal Blessing in 1977 in celebration of 50 years. Our objectives are to help Catholic women to appreciate the sacramental character, responsibility and permanence of marriage, living in unselfish love, observing the laws of God and His Church; assist them to bring up their children as practising Catholics and public spirited Christians; teach and defend Christian values in family life and ensure a Catholic education for their children; offer love sympathy and practical help and to foster vocations in Christian marriage and family life and in the priesthood and religious life.

We serve the Church and parish community in many ways, such as church cleaning, Eucharistic ministry and flower arranging. We also raise funds and bringing awareness to such charities as: CAFOD, HCPT, The Rainbow Family Trust (Francis House), Caritas, The Mother and baby home in Bolton, Mary’s Meals, Fish & Chip Babies, Loves & Fishes, The Medaille Trust and many more. To do this we have many fund raising events throughout the year including:- Jewellery parties, Cocktail evenings, Chocolate tasting party, Race night, Quiz nights, we also use our artistic skills to produce gifts for sale.

To find out more or to join, please email ucm@stcharlesswinton.com 

St Charles' Parish, Moorside Road, Swinton, Manchester M27 9PD
Parish Priest: Rev Mgr Paul F Smith STL 
Assistant Priest: Fr. Gavin Landers BA(Hons) STB

Tel: 0161 794 1089 Email: admin@stcharlesswinton.com

The Week Ahead

 Sunday 25 March .  Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord. Mass 6.00pm (eve), 8.45am and 11.00am.   

 Monday 26 March.    Monday of Holy Week.  8.30am Mass.     

Tuesday 27 March  Tuesday of Holy Week. 8.30am Mass .  

 Wednesday  28 March.  Wednesday of Holy Week. 8.30am Mass.

Thursday  29 March.    Maundy Thursday.    7.00pm Mass of the Lord Supper.

 Friday  30 March.   Good Friday.  12.15pm    Walk of Witness in Swinton Precinct. 3.00pm celebration of the Lord's Passion.

 Saturday 31 March.  Holy Saturday.   No Mass in Saint Mary's cemetery chapel today.  (no 6.00pm Mass this evening)                                       8.30pm Mass of the Easter Vigil.

Sunday 1 April.  Easter Sunday. 7.00am   Dawn service on Town Hall steps.   Mass  8.45am and 11.00am. 





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